Which mechanism does genetics support?

How genes work should reflect the nature of the system behind them. Does that system reflect a Darwinian system, or an intelligent genome system?  Given species-specs get written in DNA, devise the ideal genetics for a mutation-selection mechanism and an intelligent genome mechanism. Then see which of these more resembles actual genetics.

Take dominance-recession, for example. How does a mutation-selection system decide that? It can depend on other genes nearby--how could a system depending on random crossovers maintain favorable results?

New stuff

Latest contributions: two pages rounding out our critique of Darwinism ("Evolution of a conscious self/Big guns take on Darwin"), one from a social-cultural point of view, the other from the point of view of a professional biologist identifying how Darwinism fails in practice. Both pages come from an article by Stanley Salthe, Professor Emeritus in the CUNY system, previously published only on his web site.

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Evolution, our creation story

Creation stories matter. By saying where we came from, and how, our creation story sets limits to our potential and shapes our expectations of our selves. This site is intended for people whose creation story is that we evolved. And particularly for those who delight in drawing new meanings out of their creation stories. I expect those people to be students of the humanities.