Evolution for the rest of us

Single-handed, I'm promoting a new theory of evolution. Coming up with the theory has been the easy part. The hard part has been figuring out how to frame it. As true? Can't be proved. As a humanist alternative to physicalism? "No thank you, we're happy with human nature just the way physicalism defines it." Now I've come up with another framing: what I'm offering is an "intuitive" theory of evolution; evolution for the rest of us; the road not taken (Lamarck, Samuel Butler).

Darwinists have always made a virtue out of the non-intuitiveness of natural selection. For example we're told how impossible it is for non-specialists to appreciate how much can be achieved by selection acting over hundreds of thousands of generations, or how single mutations, each selected for the benefit it alone brings, can each end up a cog in the machinery needed to support human vision. Sufficient understanding of evolutionary theory is out of our reach? Fine, then we'll come up with our own theory, something more intuitive, something we can use to help us account for and enhance our own nature.

Look for it at a movie house near you.