Evolutionary economics conference

Evolutionary Theory and its Policy Implications for Modem Capitalism is a conference to be held in Hertfordshire UK in association with the Group for Research into Organizational Evolution, publishers of the Journal of Institutional Economics published by Cambridge University Press. All presentations have "evolution" in the title. One of the speakers is David Sloan Wilson of Binghamton University, founder of the ultra-Darwinian EVoS.

Here is Darwinism being planted at the roots of future social policy.

Suppose Darwinism is wrong! What form of questioning of Darwinism could have any impact on this juggernaut rolling through the academic world out of general view? Can the association between Darwinism and physicalism, determinism, and fatalism be broadcast sufficiently to raise doubts? Not if "free will" is labeled "incompatibilism" and belief in it is labeled "folk psychology." A new discourse is needed. I have submitted a contribution to Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism