My review of Dr. Nagel's book "Mind and Cosmos" applauded his opening thesis but declared the whole a failure. After asserting that consciousness could never be accounted for by a purely-physical theory he limited his further analysis to issues posed by traditional philosophic categories. I wanted him instead to deduce what the appearance of consciousness meant for evolution itself. That is, I wanted him to extrapolate from the known, consciousness, to the unknown, evolution, no matter where pre-evolutionary philosophizing stood on the matter. 

In a summary published as "Opinionator" in the New York Times Dr. Nagel makes up for his lapse by simply omitting the offending analysis. For an authoritative statement of the mission of this site I can't do better than direct you to

What I, as publisher of this site, am missing is a picture of how students in the humanities are responding to his call-to-arms. These are the people I am trying to reach with this site. Would someone please tell them.