Minimal meme: "I’ve a good mind to give up Darwinism for."

I was challenged to say what I mean in a few words. The fewest I could come up with, nine, is the heading above. Here it is a little less condensed:

I’ve a mind good enough to give up Darwinism for.

Here, expanded further:

Because Darwinists can’t account for mind evolving they say it’s merely brain; I value mind too much to accept that.

In other words:

Because quality of conscious experience is my top priority I can’t accept a chemicals-in-a-test–tube origin story like Darwinism.

In more abstract terms:

Being driven by the evidence of my senses to be a dualist I can’t accept a purely physicalist origin story like Darwinism.

Seen from a different viewpoint:

Since what we expect of ourselves is bound to be shaped by the origin story we embrace, I favor origin stories that emphasize the value of conscious experience over alternatives such as Darwinism.


Our choice of origin story should be driven more by the quality of conscious experience it  accommodates than by how well it conforms to current physics.

Here I think lies the basis for controversy over Darwinism;

Darwinists, giving priority to physics, fail to appreciate how much more priority others give to conscious experience, that Darwinism slights.

Here lies a reason for us to endorse two origin stories. Darwinists should call off the bulldogs when rivals appear, allowing for a future reconciliation of competing theories we cannot today imagine.