The Consortium (slogan: "Advancing the teaching of evolution in higher education") was launched at Binghamton University by David Sloan Wilson to "teach evolution in a truly integrated fashion, beginning with core principles and extending in all directions, from the biological sciences to all aspects of humanity." From there it spread to SUNY New Paltz, site of the launch of the North Eastern Evolutionary Psychology Society, "NEEPS." 36 colleges and universities are now members of the Consortium.

From the EVoS website :

The Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Consortium is designed to facilitate the development and implementation of Evolutionary Studies Programs at colleges and universities across the United States. An Evolutionary Studies Program introduces students from all majors to evolutionary theory early in their academic careers, emphasizes human-related subjects in addition to biological, promotes the continuation of evolutionary training throughout the undergraduate education, and promotes faculty training and collaborative research related to evolution.

So the program to draw all the humanities into a consilience based on Darwinism is highly organized and well advanced.