The Center is a privately incorporated, independent institute for advanced study in the humanities. It exists to encourage excellent scholarship.

The Center recently organized three conferences  ("Autonomy, Singularity, Creativity: The Human and The Humanities": ASC") "to discuss how  new knowledge in scientific fields is shaping contemporary understanding of issues central to the humanities." This initiative spun of first the web site where visitors can  "access archives of the  ASC initiative. . .and an open forum where leading minds continue the open dialogue among scientists and humanists surrounding and emerging from the project" (from the Center's website, Also being spun off from these conferences is the forthcoming volume "Creating Consilience: Evolution, Cognitive Science and the Humanities" edited by Edward Slingerland.

The NHC is therefore the complement on the humanities side to EvoS (which see) on the side of the sciences in the Great Consilience Project to which this site is also offered as a contribution.

The Center is located at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.