"This house believes that natural selection plus mutation fail to adequately account for evolution."

Get your English Department to challenge your Biology Department to debate this proposition. The Biology Department has everything it needs: 150 years of accumulated theories and data. What does the English Department need? This site, and copies of our sponsor's books.

The key to having fun over this lies in the word "adequately." What does that mean in this context? Lacks proof of being the mechanism of evolution? Here you can draw on "Big Guns Take On Darwin" in our "Critiques of Darwinism" section. Fails to account for human evolution? For this you can check out Alfred Wallace's papers on the subject. Or fails to provide a basis for the self, which you expect of an "adequate" creation story--see our "Humanities & evolution" section.

This should sharpen wits on both sides of the aisle, providing an excellent exercise for brighter students and bringing the attention of both students and staff to the issues.

Send us transcripts of any such debates, and we can post them here. Also alternative wordings of the proposition, and any other materials you think might be useful.